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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 is a fighting video game based upon the popular anime series Dragon Ball Z. Supersonic Warriors 2 is the sequel to Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors, and was developed by Cavia and published by Atari for the Nintendo DS. It was released in 2005.

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Supersonic Warriors 2 is a 2D fighting game where the player chooses a team of three to fight against an enemy or another team. There are various modes to choose from which can help bring up the player’s character roster and award dragon power when unlocked. There are also a few more features added in combat: The player’s ki has been increased from 100 to 200, an energy barrier defense that can be done by anybody and leaves the player invulnerable, a beam battle mini game where one must continuously press A, B, X and Y to overcome one’s enemy, and in-game transformations.


  • Z Battle Mode: The player chooses a team of three characters (one of which can be a support character) and faces various other teams in a tournament like challenge. Upon completing it the first time, a surprise awaits.
  • Story Mode: One can play as one of the 15 playable characters through their scenarios, both from the original Dragon Ball Z story and what-if scenarios. The main mission is to defeat the opponent, but sometimes there are special objectives when the player is fighting to open another branch of levels on the main map. From this mode, new characters and moves can be acquired. Including several What-If stories, such as if Meta-Cooler went to Earth and fought Cell, if Gotenks killed Super Buu and went to Namek, if Piccolo was turned Majin instead of Vegeta, etc.
  • Vs Battle Mode: Two players can compete against each other as any character. Required is a Nintendo DS/Lite and an extra copy of the game for each player.
  • Maximum Mode: A hard mode for advanced players that is unlocked after completing Z battle mode. More Dragon Power is received for every few levels completed, so the team used can consist of stronger players. After finishing, the player receives infinite dragon power and if one has Super Vegeta unlocked, Majin Vegeta will be playable while pressing R+A while selecting Super Vegeta.
  • Free Battle Mode: A team of characters is chosen to battle an opponent for fun.
  • Practice Mode: This includes two sub-modes: Training which is practicing moves on a punching bag character, and Tutorial where Piccolo and a few others teach the player as Gotenks how to use all the controls, from punches to energy barriers to throws the super attacks. A surprise awaits when the player completes it.

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  • A Button – Weak energy blast
  • B Button – Block
  • Y Button – Light punch/kick
  • X Button – Heavy punch/kick
  • R Button – Gather energy
  • L Button – Special power/transformation
  • A+X Button – Super attack
  • B+Y Button – Throw
  • B+R Button – Energy barrier
  • R+A Button – Strong energy blast
  • Touch Screen – Summon character, team attack

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